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The · Eyn · Chronicles

and other doodles

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Here's a new promo I made. Inspired by telwyndubois's comment. kinda random.

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Here's something I did on a whim. Not quite Harry Potter, but close.

The Tragedy of Rupert GrintCollapse )

Heehee. I like this one.

Edit: And it's not a tomato!

2nd Edit: Or a pumpkin!

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Here's part two. No one's commented yet. PLEASE say something, even if you didn't like it (I'm actually being honest about this - I'd like to know someone bothered to read it). Enjoy!

Part Two: SylviaCollapse )

This is just something I doodled. It's supposed to be Alice Longbottom from Harry Potter.
AliceCollapse )

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Here's the first part (well, it's really just a page). This comic takes a bit of getting used to, so most of you will read it and think, 'eh?'.
Remember, read it backwards.

Part one: Meet EynCollapse )

I adore comments.

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Hello, and welcome to The Eyn Chronicles livejournal. The Eyn Chronicles is a small, extremely strange comic about the life of the much less famous brother of Einstein. The first volume will be told in six chapters, which should be posted rather frequently. Since this was originally a book, I'm beginning with the front and back covers, though the first chapter should be up within the hour. This started out as a parody of manga, so it is read backwards. If anyone is new to the reading style, just comment and I'll attempt to make a tutorial. The covers and chapters will be fairly large images, which is annoying for everybody, but that's the only was I can ensure that you can see everything.

Front coverCollapse )

Back coverCollapse )

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